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Purple Heather

Purple Heather - Trailer

Synopsis: When the local authority outlaws the free movement of Romani Gypsies in the forest, EVA and her young siblings are forced to abandon their life of independence and seclusion, and move into an overcrowded, communal compound. The story is told from the point of view of Eva’s youngest sister, HELENA – a curious and defiant eight year old, who observes and learns from Eva’s every expression.

Purple Heather was shot on an Arri Alexa on location in the New Forest. It's thanks to the astounding support of the local community, who were deeply involved in the making of the film made. From lending us an Alpaca farm for our main location, to providing countless props and costumes, to lending us horses, catering tools and portaloos, to performing as extras, and of course helping us raise the crowdfunded budget. This was a truly community made film. 

Purple Heather won 'Best British Short Film' at Southampton International Film Festival, and has been nominated for 3 other awards.

Director: Alfie Dale

Writers: Sameera Steward and Alfie Dale 

Producers - Sameera Steward, Tumi Itholeng and Alfie Dale

DOP - Davey Guilder 

 Costume Designer/HOD - Sophia Audi

Hair and Make Up Designer/HOD - Lisa Purchase 

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