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Lamington Group- 'This Is Our Home'

'This Is Our Home' Was an online campaign for Lamington Group, who recently opened the world's first Net Zero Hotel. They wanted a brand level film that could be cut to various lengths, that showed their commitment to sustainability.

Solace Women's Aid- 'Answer The Call'

'Answer The Call' was an online campaign for Solace Women's Aid in the wake of the covid lockdowns, in which their staff were working from home and calls nearly doubled. They wanted a 360 degree view of a phone call, capturing the woman making the call, her daughter observing the call and the call centre worker receiving the call. There were varying lengths of each video for different platforms. The film was nominated at the Shiny Awards, Depict Film Festival, and won the UK Content Awards 2022.

Room2 Hometels- Southampton/Hammersmith
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