In 2012 I worked with LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training) to create their Film Maker Programme; an annual project designed to give aspiring film makers the opportunity to get training and hands on film making experience, whilst providing an invaluable service to an international teacher training NGO, that works with some of the world's most disadvantaged schools. the videos are in short documentary form, and serve to recruit new teachers and raise awareness. 


The programme is now going into it's fourth year, with participants having travelled to Uganda, Tanzania, Cambodia, Nepal, Ghana, Rwanda, India and Guyana, crating over 60 videos.  My role has been to recruit, train and to oversee the productions of each film maker. 


If you are interested in participating in the LRTT Film Maker Programme, or wish to organise a similar workshop then please get in touch. 

Film Maker Programme recruitment video

LRTT Nepal

LRTT Uganda

LRTT Overview Video

Pictures from the project